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The Neighborhood Security Watch (NSW) Program on Oahu is sponsored by the Honolulu Police Department. The program involves the participation of community volunteers in a self-help, community-based security effort. Primary purpose of the program is the protection of our communities.

Ewa by Gentry community residents may write or call the District 8 Community Policing Team (CPT) to request information on how to start an NSW program for their community. Contact information for the District 8 CPT follows:

Kapolei Police Station

1100 Kamokila Blvd.

Kapolei, HI 96707

CPT phone: (808) 723-8437

NSW Formation Steps

  1. Request NSW materials from District 8 CPT
  2. Discuss packet contents with neighbors and determine program interest
  3. Call District 8 CPT to schedule an NSW presentation (minimum 25 attendees required)
  4. Once presentation concludes, CPT officer departs, and participants discuss starting an NSW program, select a coordinator, and one or more block captains