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You must be a full time resident of the Ewa by Gentry Community Association in Hawaii and physically residing in your home on a full time basis.

Homeowner Steps:
1.) Complete the form below and click Submit to CWT.
2.) Wait 24 hours, then call CWT at (808)685-0111 ext.21 to confirm receipt of your request.

Please call CWT for confirmation before leaving for your trip. Residence checks are provided for homeowners leaving for vacation, work and emergency trips. Residence checks can only be done for a maximum of (30) thirty days. Please call CWT if you need an extension or if there are any changes to your residence check.

This service is provided as a courtesy to our homeowners – it does not prevent unwanted activities at your home and it is NOT a security watch for your home.

  • 1. Names of other individuals that may be staying at your home. 2. List of vehicles that will be parked in your driveway. (Make, Model, License Plate Number) 3.) Any other comments.