Alert us to a Maintenance Problem

Please email to report any maintenance concerns of a routine nature in common areas of the community.
Examples: broken tree branch, broken sprinkler, etc.

Landscape Concerns:

Emergency Landscape Telephone Number for EWA BY GENTRY COMMON AREAS: (808) 216-0302

Please report landscape emergencies for town homes or condos to the resident or property manager.  See Contact info here.  Any landscape concerns within multi-family properties that are sent to Ewa by Gentry’s office will be re-directed to the corresponding resident or property manager.

Please be aware that landscape emergencies for single-family homes are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Public Trees: For placement, replacement, trimming, removal, relocation, donations, etc., of City trees, handled by the Urban Forestry Division, Department of Parks and Recreation, call (808) 971-7151.