If you reside in a condo or apartment, you live in a multi-family project and are a member of an Association of Apartment Owners.


Covenants Specialists conduct community inspections every two weeks, where the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCRs) and the Design Committee rules are enforced. Anything seen during inspections that are contrary to the Covenants are cited by the inspector and the Homeowner is given time to bring the violation into compliance. Some Homeowners may feel as though they are being targeted or singled out when that is not the case. On average, our staff inspects around 400-600 houses on inspection days. The Inspectors cite for what they can see, and each property with a visible violation will be cited for that violation.

All speed limits are designated by the City and County. Ewa by Gentry and Gentry Homes do not have authority to change or reduce speed limit signs. Any request for speed limit regulation can be submitted through the City and County.

Though the City and County planter strips are the responsibility of the Homeowner to maintain, per your deed, maintenance of City and County trees are not Homeowner responsibility. The trees are on a yearly trimming schedule, but if a tree becomes problematic, you may submit a report to the City (808-971-7151).

If there is a tree on your property that was planted by the Developer, you must apply to the Design Committee to have it removed. Trees planted by the developer would be on the closing plot plan. If the tree was planted by a previous Homeowner, no approval is needed for removal. However, any tree on a Homeowner’s property is the sole responsibility of the Homeowner to maintain.

HPD. EbGCA has no authority to distribute parking violations or to tow any vehicles.

If there are complaints against neighbors and the violation goes against the Covenants, the Covenants Department can cite for what is visible from the street. If there are infractions that are not visible from the street that go against the Covenants, we can send a “Be a Good Neighbor” letter which informs the Homeowner that they may be held liable in Court for any damages done to a neighboring property, but any other dispute or issue between neighbors would be solely up to Homeowners to resolve. EbGCA has no jurisdiction over any neighbor dispute which does not directly involve the DCCRs.


Yes, all exterior changes require Design Committee Approval.

You must receive a written approval before beginning any improvement or you will be in violation of the Covenants.

If your approval has expired, you will need to submit a new application packet & fee.

If your approval has not expired and you need additional time to start the work, we will extend your approval for up to 60 days. Email your request to:

Depending on the specific reason indicated on your Design Committee Response, you may be able to resubmit your application.

To resubmit, you must turn in a new application packet (all the original documents) plus the new information they have requested.

No additional fee is required if it is within 60 days.

Submit the Notice of Completion to our office.

The Covenants Specialist will perform an inspection. If it is installed according to the approved plans, the record will be closed. If it is not, you will receive a notice of violation.

Community Center

The Thomas H. Gentry Community Center is a private facility that was gifted to the Association by the developer – Gentry Homes. Multiple surveys were sent to homeowners and the consensus of the community was to fund operations of the community center with generated revenue separate from the quarterly dues. This is the reason there is a separate fee for pool membership.


Collection schedules are available online at Click here and type your address. When you access your collection schedule information page, you’ll find printable collection schedule calendars for easy reference.