1. Review the Design Committee Rules to ensure your requested improvement follows the requirements.
  2. Fill out the Design Committee Application form online.
    • Gather information on the improvement. Refer to the Design Committee Application Packet Requirements for required documents.
    • Obtain your lot’s plot plan from your homeowner documents. If you do not have a copy of your plot plan, we may have a copy in our records. If we do not, you will need to contact the City and County Department of Planning and Permitting at 808-768-8277.  If you live in an AOAO (ex: Parkside, Seabridge, etc.), please contact your site or property manager.
    • Mark the improvement’s location and dimensions on the plot plan.  Be sure to call out all dimensions including length, width, height and setbacks.
    • If the improvement is to take place in an easement, you will be required to submit a Neighbor’s Awareness Form.
    • You are expected to follow all City & County guidelines. Certain improvements may require you to submit permit-ready blueprints/plans.
  3.  Submit all of the above documents to the Association by mail or in person. We also have a locked drop-box located at the bottom of the stairs to the office.
    • All applications that require a design fee need to be submitted in person or in the drop-box.
    • If there is no required fee, you may email your complete application packet to: design@ebgca.net
  4. All applications are reviewed in the order they are received and are due a week prior to a design meeting in order to be reviewed at that meeting. Please reference the Design Committee Application Deadline page. If you miss the upcoming meeting deadline, your application will be reviewed at the following one.
  5. Your Design Committee response will be mailed to you.

 You must receive a written approval before beginning any improvement or you will be in violation of the covenants.