Approved Exterior Paint Schemes

As with most Community Associations, Ewa by Gentry was designed with a particular street-scape so that it would have a uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This street-scape was designed not just to have structural consistency, but with the notion that the color scheme should be consistent as well. To that end, the only allowable exterior paint colors are those in the approved color schemes. All homeowners are required to obtain written authorization from EbGCA before the exterior of their home.

Paint Process

  1. If you live in a single family subdivision, click on your subdivision’s name below to see the paint scheme options. Prescott II and Woodbridge I & II have separate instructions within their corresponding links below. You may wish to visit the Sherwin Williams Color Matches Index. The accuracy of colors displayed depends on your computer’s ability to display them. Actual paint samples are available at the Association office or at any Sherwin Williams store.
  2. Once you have selected a paint scheme, click on the “Paint Application Form” link next to your chosen color scheme to download the “Approval for Exterior Painting” form.
  3. Submit your completed form to our office by mail, email, or in person.
  4. Once processed and approved, we will send you your signed approval, yellow Design Committee Approval placard and Notice of Completion form
  5. Post the yellow placard in a conspicuous place on your property until the painting is complete.
  6. Once complete, submit the Notice of Completion form to our office. We will inspect and document the changes in your property record.
  7. For properties in multi-family subdivisions (condo associations or AOAO’s), please contact the site manager for paint information.