Our maintenance operations include:

  • Maintenance of the Thomas H. Gentry and Westside Community Center, to include the pool and pavilions
  • Upkeep of community parks (Thomas H. Gentry, Hoalauna, Westside) and equipment within parks
  • Overall cleanliness of common area spaces to include picking-up rubbish, maintaining walls and fences, and cleaning up graffiti
  • If you are a part of an AOAO and have concerns with landscaping, please see refer to the Multi-Family / AOAO contact list

For other maintenance concerns:

Public Trees

For placement, replacement, trimming, removal, relocations, donations, etc. of City & County of Honolulu trees, please contact the Urban Forestry Division, Department of Parks and Recreation at (808) 971-7151.

Single Family Homes

Landscape and maintenance concerns within single-family properties are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Town Homes/Condos

For landscape and maintenance concerns within multi-family properties please contact your resident/property manager.