For questions regarding assessments or copies of your statements, please contact Hawaiiana Management at
(808) 440-5530 or email

The maintenance department is one of the hardest working departments of the Association. They are responsible for the upkeep and care of our community’s common areas. Their tireless work helps keep our neighborhood clean, healthy, and enjoyable for everyone.

EBGCA maintenance operations include:

  • Maintenance of the Thomas H. Gentry and Westside Community Center, to include the pool and pavilions
  • Upkeep of community parks (Thomas H. Gentry, Hoalauna, Westside) and equipment within parks
  • Management of common area landscaping
  • Overall cleanliness of common area spaces to include picking-up rubbish, maintaining walls and fences, and cleaning up graffiti

For other maintenance concerns:

Public Trees

For placement, replacement, trimming, removal, relocations, donations, etc. of City & County of Honolulu trees, please contact the Urban Forestry Division, Department of Parks and Recreation at (808) 971-7151.

Single Family Homes

Landscape and maintenance concerns within single-family properties are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Town Homes/Condos

For landscape and maintenance concerns within multi-family properties please contact the resident/property manager.